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On May 13th, Bishop Boyea will be coming to Flint to celebrate a special Mass at St. Mary’s (2500 North Franklin Ave, Flint) where we will have an Act of Entrustment of Flint to the Blessed Virgin Mary under the title, Mary, Mother of Flint.

To spiritual...

Holy Thursday - March 29th (No Daily Masses)

10:30am -  Chrism Mass in Lansing

6:00pm  -   Our Lady of Guadalupe 

6:30pm  -   St. Matthews

7:00pm  -   St. John Vianney

10:00pm-   Night Prayer at St. John Vianney

Good Fr...

Ash Wednesday Masses on February 14th will be as follows:

8:00am - St. Mary's

10:30am - St. John Vianney

12:00pm - St. Michael (Ashes only, no mass)

12:10pm - St. Matthew

5:30pm - St. Matthew

7:00pm - St. John Vianney

Note: "Ash Wednesday is an obligatory day...

January 24, 2018

It's time again for St. John Vianney Catholic School's most important fundraiser of the school year, the Vianney Nights Dinner Auction. The auction committee is hard at work planning for the event which will be held on February 10, 2018. The committee i...

January 19, 2018

Thank you St. John Vianney Parish for all of your generosity and support you have given to the Angel’s Outreach Ministry for the 2017 Children’s Christmas Party. We want to thank all of those who have donated monetary donations or took tag off the tree....

January 19, 2018

Praise be Jesus Christ, now and forever.  We are experiencing a very virulent flu season.  Thus, for the next month or so we will not be offering the chalice with the Blood of Christ.  The only one who must receive both the Blood of Christ and the Body of...

January 19, 2018

   Christians throughout Genesee County are invited to take part in the international 40 Days for Life effort from February 14 through March 25. Since 2007, nearly 14,000 lives have been saved, 170 abortion workers have walked away from the abor#on indus...

January 11, 2018

Join us at Dorothy’s this January 20th at 10am for a talk by Sr. Sarah Burdick.  Sr. Sarah is a member of the Servants of God’s Love and also teaches theology at Fr. Gabriel Richard High School in Ann Arbor.  The Servants of God’s Love are the religious...

January 11, 2018

This upcoming January 22nd we commemorate with sadness the 45th anniversary of the decision by the highest court in our nation to legalize abortion thus robbing the unborn of their inalienable and God given right to life,  liberty, and the pursuit of ha...

January 11, 2018

Praise be Jesus Christ, now and forever.  On Saturday January 20th at 10:00 a.m. Sr. Sarah Burdick will be  speaking at "Dorothy's" on her religious community.  The Catholic Community of Flint has invited the Servants of God's Love to establish a religi...

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