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Oremus: Let Us Pray!

The Catholic Community of Flint will be offering a Holy Hour on the 2nd Monday of each month (October 14th, November 11, December 9th, January 13th). This will take place at the St. Matthew Campus in downtown Flint.

Come spend a Holy Hour with Jesus! All of the members of the Catholic Community of Flint are being asked by our Pastor to come and pray together for the future of our churches and the universal church, to pray for the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to help us become missionaries in our community, and to pray for the strength of Christ as we carry the crosses He asks us to bear in an unforgiving world.

Exposition, Adoration, Liturgy of the Hours and Benediction will take place every 2nd Monday of the month at St. Matthew’s beginning at 6:30pm and ending at 7:30pm

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