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Entrusting Flint to Mary

On May 13th, Bishop Boyea will be coming to Flint to celebrate a special Mass at St. Mary’s (2500 North Franklin Ave, Flint) where we will have an Act of Entrustment of Flint to the Blessed Virgin Mary under the title, Mary, Mother of Flint.

To spiritually prepare for that day, the community is doing a program on Marian consecration called 33 days to Morning Glory. This program has started, however you are still welcome to join the consecration groups and sign up by visiting

"A Marian consecration flows from the grace of our Baptism, through which we were originally consecrated, or “set apart,” for Jesus Christ and grafted into His life in the Church. A Marian consecration is a further act of entrustment particularly to the heart of Mary. In this gesture, we ask Mary to dispose us to the will of God as she herself was perfectly disposed" (Anima Christi Retreats web-page).

We'll see you on May 13th for the Act of Entrustment of the city of Flint to the Blessed Virgin Mary!

Mary, Mother of Flint, pray for us!

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