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Christians throughout Genesee County are invited to take part in the international 40 Days for Life effort from February 14 through March 25. Since 2007, nearly 14,000 lives have been saved, 170 abortion workers have walked away from the abor#on industry and 90 abortion facilities have completely shut down. In addition to 40 days of peaceful prayer and fas#ng for an end to abortion, please consider volunteering to pray outside of the Planned Parenthood at G-3371 Beecher Road, Flint, MI, during the 40 days. Spread the word to others about this important life-saving effort! To get more information, or to volunteer to help, please contact: Sarah Stapleton at 810-892-FLNT or You may also visit: and our Facebook Page, “40 Days for Life-Flint.” All are welcome!

40 Days for Life Calendar of Events (Spring 2018): All vigil events will take place in front of Planned Parenthood, G-3371 Beecher Road, Flint, MI 48532 40 DFL Sign up Weekends: Now through Feb. 10/11 at your church or online 40DFL Kick-off Event: Sunday, Feb.11th at 2pm First official day of the Spring, 2018 40 Days for Life Campaign is Wed., Feb. 14th Prayer Vigil outside of Planned Parenthood: Daily, Feb. 14-March 25 from 7am-7pm 40DFL Mid-Point Rally: Sunday, March 4th at 2pm 40DFL Closing Ceremony: Sunday, March 25 at 6p

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