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Servants of God's Love

Praise be Jesus Christ, now and forever. On Saturday January 20th at 10:00 a.m. Sr. Sarah Burdick will be speaking at "Dorothy's" on her religious community. The Catholic Community of Flint has invited the Servants of God's Love to establish a religious community in Flint. This community will move into the rectory at St. Ma3hew's this coming summer. The Servants of God's Love is a small religious community that has approbation (approval) of the Diocese of Lansing. They are located in Ann Arbor and this is a big step for them in coming to Flint. Living together in community is very important to them and so all their religious houses have been located in Ann Arbor. Now they are willing to come to Flint! I find this to be extremely important because for too long Catholics have been leaving Flint. I consider this decision by the Sisters to move to Flint as the beginning of a new and exciting phase for the Catholic Community of Flint. Please go out of your way to make them feel appreciated and welcome them with open arms. The fact that we will have this religious community in the heart of Flint praying daily for us is essential to the future growth of our Catholic Community of Flint. I am extremely grateful to God and the Servants of God's Love for this affirmation of our endeavors here in Flint. May Mary Mother of Flint bless us and the Servants of God's Love as we serve her Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ. You are all in my prayers and heart. Fr. Tom

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