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Thank You from Dorothy’s!

Last Monday January 1st we had our opening day for Dorothy’s House of Coffee. The last few months we have put a lot of work into getting the place ready to be open - and so many of you made it possible. I would like to personally thank Lawarance Morrison, Gary Debevec, Dave McAuliffe, many St. Joseph’s workers, Terri Witt, Fr. James, Fr. Tom, Sr. Carol and Sr. Judy and so many others who helped in the inspiration, development and construction of Dorothy’s. And I want to thank you. So many of you participated in our coffee fundraiser during the month of December in buying multiple bags of coffee; and over a 100 of you stopped by for our opening day. It is appreciated! Please know that from now on we will be open every Tuesday, Thursday (from 8-6), and Saturday (from 8-2); this is like the schedule of the downtown Farmer’s Market. Noteable as well is that throughout this month we will be having special talks, prayer services, and cultural performances. My challenge to you is that you come at least once this month to check out Dorothy’s during our open hours or for one of our special events. Stay in the know about these things by checking the bulletin or our Facebook page, @DorothysHouseofCoffee. We also have a webpage linked from our home page- Thank you all, once again, and I look forward to seeing you at Dorothy’s! - Beth Coon

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