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Merry Christmas from the Pastor

Merry Christmas! The fact that the Fourth Sunday of Advent and also Christmas Eve are on the same day is rare. It also might seem a bit confusing. However, if we remain focused on the mystery of the Incarnation it really doesn't matter whether we are preparing for the coming of the Lord or celebrating that the Lord is with us. The Incarnation tells us that we are always on a journey towards the Christ. This is possible because the Lord pursues us when we sin and He leads us when we know enough to pursue Him. In both instances the love of God is manifested in Our Lord Jesus Christ. In a moment in time the Eternal Lord entered our lives so that we might awaken to His abiding presence and love. Let us try to the best of our ability to be present and loving to all those who enter our lives by which we grow in our understanding of the Incarnation. In that light I want to thank all of you who have sent me cards or food or gifts or prayers. I can never remember all of you and in my limited way I simply say thank you and that you are in my prayers and heart. I hope to do my best to continue as the pastor of the Catholic Community of Flint and will try to serve you to the best of my ability. Please note I said, "to the best of my ability." We need to pray for more men to enter the priesthood so that one day you will have a better pastor than the one you have. May Mary Mother of Flint bring us closer to Her Son each day of our lives. You can never say it enough, Merry Christmas! Fr. Tom

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