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From the Pastor

Praise be Jesus Christ, now and forever. I want to thank all those who sent cards, and prayers and presents my way because of my birthday. I am slightly amazed that we make such a big deal out of birthdays, since we really had nothing to do with it. I hit the big 65. I was thinking about becoming an Uber driver. But that company seems to be in trouble now and it is probably just as well that I stick to being your pastor. Besides, I mentioned to the Bishop that I could retire. He said, "No Way!" So whether you like it or not you're stuck with me for a bit longer. I had a good retreat. It was a silent retreat which I appreciated. I grow weary of our present media standards. I feel inundated with information and much of it simply distracts me from what is important. I suppose this sounds like an old fart complaining. But the older I get there seems to be less and less that is important to me. It gives me a certain amount of freedom. I think I am trying to do what I suggested last week: practice death. Letting go and letting God take over is truly freedom, especially from self. You are all in my prayers and heart. And you are important to me. May Mary Mother of Flint guide and bless you and those you love. Fr. Tom

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