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From : Fr. Mabee

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I hope this finds you all well, as we’re into the first week of this holy season of Lent. Hopefully spring isn’t too far away either! I’ve claimed the bulletin article this week to break some news officially to you, which many of you likely already know or have at least heard in parts: I will return to Rome in the fall to finish my final year of theological studies. Additionally, prior to that, I will spend July and August serving as chaplain at the Catholic Camp Sancta Maria, near Gaylord. So I will be here in my post with the Catholic Community of Flint through the end of June. This impending move is certainly bittersweet for me. While I love academic work and will be able in Rome to reunite with some dear old seminary friends and classmates, this has been a remarkable, endearing first assignment for me. I’ve cherished getting to know so many of you and your families, and I’ve been blessed greatly by your warm welcome and enduring hospitality. You’ve regaled me and my housemates with meals, gifts, and welcoming invitations to your homes and other events. The opportunity to worship with you, get to know you personally, and share with you in our ongoing work of ministry in Flint has been a tremendous blessing for me. Let me be clear: I don’t see this as a farewell. I will be away, basically, for the entire upcoming academic year. Following that, I won’t be re-assigned to the Catholic Community of Flint; but I certainly intend to stay in touch and, as much as I’m able, connected to the ongoing work that is underway here. Thank you all, again, for your love and hospitality. Please keep me in your prayers, as I certainly need them moving forward. You all will remain in mine. And please don’t hesitate to keep in touch, either. As I said, my departure will be, for a time, a goodbye, but not a farewell. God bless you all! Fr. Zach Mabee

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