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Mercy Mondays

Warning! Believe it or not but Lent is just around the corner! In just a few weeks, on Wednesday, March 1st, we will begin the Catholic season of penance and prayer. And, as we know all to well, Lent is not exactly the easiest time of the year. As we listen to readings about Israel, wandering in the desert and Jesus fasting for 40 days and nights, we too enter into a time to practice self-denial, sacrifice, and silent prayer.

But despite this have you ever noticed how Lent is also a time of happiness? That is, despite the difficulty of Ash Wednesday with its fasting and prayer, no meat Fridays (ok but you got to love those fish fries :) ) and whatever personal things we take on, there is usually a sense of peace and joy which fills our hearts as well. One way to experience this spiritual happiness is in the confessional. Like Lent itself, going to confession is no easy thing to do. But often times as we enter into the desert in search of God’s mercy we leave feeling much better than beforehand. In light of this we will be bringing back Mercy Mondays. You may remember that last Lent we had adoration and confessions every Monday evening at St. Matthews from 5-8. Many people told me and the other priests how much they appreciate it. This year we will be doing it again so that despite the penance’s we are all undertaking, each of us also might experience the peace and joy which come from experiencing God’s mercy as well. See you in the confessional! Fr. James

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