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Mary, Mother of Flint Icon Symbolism


Mary: Red outer garment - symbolizes her original human nature

Blue inner garment - her heavenly nature

Christ: Blue outer garment - symbolizes His true divinity

Red inner garment - His humanity

Greek Letters:

MP OV -- Mother of God

IC XC -- Jesus Christ

Jesus’ raised hand - gesture of blessing

Ovals to right and left of Mary:

Left - Old St. Michael’s Church, Saginaw & Fifth Ave., Flint’s First Catholic Church

Right - Downtown Flint; bricks, arch, weather ball, cars

Mary & Jesus are dark skinned, identifying with the large population of Flint. The people in the painting represent various ages and ethnicity in the city, gathering in reverence to Mary. The four children in the background represent Youth, the future of Flint. In remembrance of the city’s water crisis, a river is depicted, and a Hispanic woman offers a pitcher of water for a blessing.

Mary, Mother of Flint, pray for us!

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